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This online technical course is designed for engineers and students who want to learn about the importance of CAD modeling, meshing, and discretization in engineering analysis, with a focus on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The course covers advanced techniques like watertight geometry and fault-tolerant meshing in ANSYS Fluent software, along with conventional approaches to CFD Fluent flow analysis. It is divided into three units, each consisting of relevant videos on industrial applications. The course is ideal for those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in CFD and ANSYS Fluent software.


Introducing our online technical course on CFD Flow Analysis with ANSYS Fluent!

In the world of engineering analysis, CAD models are crucial, but they often come with errors such as merged faces, duplicate curves, extra edges, split edges, gaps, and interference errors. Therefore, it’s essential to repair and convert them into error-free geometry to avoid modeling errors. Additionally, selecting the correct and relevant physical models is crucial, with the most important model for fluid dynamics being the Navier-Stokes equations.

After obtaining error-free, correct geometry, we move on to discretization or meshing. For accurate results, we must focus on better meshing quality because the better the mesh, the better the solution. Minimizing the discretization error requires meshing and remeshing until we reach the minimum error and achieve the exact solution, known as convergence criteria.

Meshing or discretization is vital in FEA, CFD, and any type of engineering analysis. Sometimes, the geometry or CAD model has intersecting solids or surfaces, making perfect meshing impossible. To rectify these errors, we use the ANSYS SpaceClaim repair tool and can even share topology. If we require perfect meshing for different types of analysis, such as structural or CFD analysis, ANSYS is the best software. To achieve perfect meshing, we can adopt different meshing methods such as watertight geometry and fault-tolerant meshing, introduced in ANSYS 2021 version.

Our course includes three units consisting of 20 videos relevant to industrial applications. The first unit focuses on ANSYS Fluent Fault Tolerant Meshing, including 10 videos. The second unit covers ANSYS Fluent Watertight Geometry, with four videos, and the third unit features four videos on the conventional approach to CFD Fluent Flow Analysis.

Unit 1 – CFD Flow Analysis with ANSYS Fluent Fault Tolerant Meshing: This unit comprises videos on various CFD heat transfer analysis topics, such as shell-tube heat exchangers, counter-flow heat exchangers, cross-flow heat exchangers, condenser heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, surface condensers, special type heat exchangers, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, wind tunnels, venturi-meters, expanders, and heat pipes. Additionally, it covers CFD Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis using ANSYS Fluent Fault Tolerant Meshing.

Unit 2 – CFD Flow Analysis with ANSYS Fluent Watertight geometry: This unit features two videos on CFD Watertight Geometry Workflow through a Wind Tunnel and Heterogeneous Fluid Mixing using ANSYS Fluent Watertight Geometry.

Unit 3 – CFD Flow Analysis with conventional ANSYS Fluent Flow: This unit includes four videos covering topics such as CFD Flow Analysis Over a Cylinder Surface using ANSYS Fluent, CFD Intermixing of Fluids in a Bent-Pipe using ANSYS Fluent, CFD Flow through a Converging & Diverging Section (2D) using ANSY Fluent, and CFD Flow through a Venturi-meter using ANSYS Fluent.

Our course is designed for professionals who want to enhance their skills in CFD Flow Analysis using ANSYS Fluent. Our instructors will guide you through the theoretical understanding and practical applications of meshing and meshing methods with advanced techniques like watertight geometry and fault-tolerant meshing, as well as conventional approaches. Enroll now and take your engineering analysis skills to the next level!


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